Earth Science Regents Review 
117 Ways to Pass the Earth Science Regents. 

Take a practice regents exam on line.

Download the Earth Science Reference Tables ,  and latest regents exams.

View satellite images of current earth science events.
Digital Library for Earth Science System Education
NASA launch schedule
Check out these great Earth Science animations

Thunderstorms nearby?  View a map of current lightning strikes.

Everything you want to know about the International Space Station (ISS)

Does New York have any storm warnings in effect?

Live earthquake map (updated every half hour) with built in geoclock.

View current world population.

Look at the USNO Master Time Clock.  Set your watch by the same standard as the Department of Defense.

Bad Science -- "Be very, very careful what you put into that head, because you will never, ever get it out."

Track satellites in the sky with this live map.

This URL from NASA shows the location of International Space Station over the Earth at any given moment--very cool! 


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